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Custom Propellers

BT Marine design and manufacture custom propellers for commercial, military and leisure vessels including, Tugs, Offshore support vessels, Patrol boats, High speed launches and Interceptors, Landing craft, Superyachts, WFSV, Multicats and Ferries.

Working in close co-operation with both naval architects, builders and vessel operators, we ensure that the custom designed propeller meets the specifications for maximum speed, fuel economy and efficiency or other operational requirements such as low noise and vibration.

To ensure optimum performance is achieved, BT Marine use years of experience and advanced 3D computer modelling for designing the propeller and creating simulations for accurate forecasting of critical factors such as speed, fuel consumption and efficiency prior to manufacture.

Custom propellers are typically manufactured to ISO R484 class 1 and are carefully finished and balanced, but where required, we can offer ISO R484 class S propellers that have fully CNC machined blade surfaces to offer the ultimate in fixed pitch propeller technology.


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