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At BT Marine we believe that each individual customer should be just that – this is why we take each project on a case to case basis and design each component specifically for the needs of the customer and vessel.

Whether it be a simple water lubricated shaftline system, or a highly complex propulsion system, each project is meticulously assessed, made dimensionally compliant to Class (if required) and designed.

With the use of the latest CAD and 3D software this makes the design section of any project seem effortless for the customer. Once the design stage is complete, all drawings and calculations are released to the customer for final approval prior to start of manufacture.

In a similar manor BT Marine are using the latest propeller modeling software to enable the propeller design to be specific to project. Again with latest 3D modeling software this allows our design team to make sure that every aspect of the design is correctly modeled for the specific application.


After the initial design procedures have been implemented and all drawings have been passed to Classification and customer compliance, the next stage is the actual engineering and manufacture.

This is carried out at our UK headquarters manufacturing facilities in the South West of England. BT Marine’s machine shop is installed with the latest CNC machinery, which allows us to either produce high batch quantity items such as propeller tailshafts or the most intricate components for our renowned propulsion systems, ensuring that each component is manufactured to the highest of standards.

Once each component is manufacture it then goes through a rigorous inspection procedure to ensure the final assembly is flawless and 100% correct. On final inspection all parts are dry fitted and assembled in our inspection department so that on arrival at the ship yard all parts can be assembled into the vessel without any issues.

After delivery and installation, if required BT Marine can perform reviews on site at the ship yard to ensure all components have been correctly fitted.


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