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ROV Thruster Propellers

BT Marine are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium ROV Thruster Propellers.

We can cater for bespoke design, low volume orders through to high volume production with superb quality delivered at competitive prices.

Our designs are evolved from many years of experience in the design and manufacture of submersible propellers which operate in varied environments.

Applications can be from simple manoeuvring and directional control through to low noise signature and stealth designs for military, covert backpack propulsion and other sensitive applications.

Using our own fluid dynamic modelling and simulation software, with market leading design optimisation techniques we can ensure that your BT Marine Thruster Propeller will always deliver the performance required for the application.

We design propellers for both electric and hydraulic thrusters and can also manufacture thrust increasing and noise reducing nozzles from a variety of materials along with Aluminium gearbox and motor housings to a given design.

Our propellers can be supplied in bare or coated high strength Aluminium or for high power applications we can offer CU-3 Nickel Aluminium Bronze.


BT Marine Propellers Ltd.
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