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Nozzles or ducted propeller systems can provide up to 40% more bollard pull than an open propeller when using the same power plant and optimising the shaft speed.

BT Marine bespoke nozzle packages have a proven positive effect on both bollard pull and fuel economy, thus offering the ship operator greater efficiency and performance.

We work closely with the naval architect, ship builder and the ship owner to make sure that the operating parameters of the vessel are considered and the optimum package is designed and manufactured. BT Marine can specify a High Thrust or Low Resistance nozzle to optimise the propulsion package, whether it be for an OSV, Tug or AHTS vessel requiring the maximum bollard pull and high efficiency or a fishing boat requiring good free-running speed with increased fuel economy at trawling speeds.

BT Marine can also engineer customised nozzles with incorporated mountings for rudders, sterntubes and shaft brackets.

To improve vessel manoeuvrability when fitted with a BT Marine nozzle system we can also incorporate our integrated high aspect ratio triple rudder system which can improve turning circle and handling characteristics of the vessel. When packaged together the system provides the most efficient conventional fixed pitch nozzle propulsion system available.

BT Marine also design and engineer steering nozzle systems, complete with upper main steering stock and tube assembly with bearings and seals fitted. This system is preferable where space is a constraint and a conventional rudder system cannot be fitted aft of the nozzle.


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