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Rudder Systems

BT Marine design and manufacture a range of rudders to suit all types of applications and vessels which can be supplied compliant to any IACS class society.

Fabricated rudders

BT Marine rudders are fabricated from either Mild or Stainless Steel with flat blade, high-lift or aerofoil cross section as required. This type of rudder can be mounted with a lower pintle bearing for support, or underslung from the rudder tube on high speed applications.

Split stocks with mating flanges are also available on pintle mount applications to facilitate the easy removal of the rudder blade for access to the propeller.

Integrated triple rudders

As part of a BT Marine nozzle assembly we can supply a single, or triple high performance rudder system as an integral part of the nozzle structure.

The BT Marine compact triple rudder system is supplied as a complete assembly with bearings, linkages and mounting flanges and is proven to improve the steering, handling and low speed maneuvering of vessels when fitted as part of a BT Marine propulsion system.

Cast bronze rudders

For light commercial or leisure applications where a cast bronze rudder is required. For smaller vessels we have a standard range of transom mount or through hull rudders that are specified dependent upon hull size and vessel speed. Larger vessels would require a custom cast bronze rudder that is designed and manufactured to order.

Rudder tubes

As part of the rudder assembly BT Marine also supply a rudder tube manufactured from either Steel, Aluminium, GRP or Bronze, complete with bearings, seals and thrust washers where required.


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