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Shaft Support Brackets

Resin fit ‘P’ Brackets

The resin fit ‘P’ bracket is designed to be fixed directly into the vessel structure by means of resin or Chockfast® fitment. This gives the installer some flexibility in regard of the shaft angle and height and reduces the need for a pocket to be built into the hull to accommodate a conventional palmed bracket. BT Marine standard brackets are manufactured in high strength Stainless Steel S316 and are available in sizes to suit 25mm to 80mm shaft diameter with a full aerofoil strut section and are supplied with a water lubricated bearing fitted.

Custom Support Brackets

BT Marine custom brackets are designed and manufactured to suit the vessel design and machinery installation. Custom brackets can be manufactured in Stainless steel, Mild steel, Aluminum and Bronze.

For Commercial, Military and Superyacht vessels, BT Marine can offer brackets which are fitted by welding directly into the vessel structure with a loose bearing to be later aligned and fitted with Chockfast® or with a fixed bearing and the bracket aligned and retained by Chockfast® into a housing within the vessel structure.

For pleasure boats we can also offer bespoke design and manufacture of platform based brackets, which are fitted directly to the vessel hull with standard countersunk bolts – this system is primarily manufactured in Manganese and Nickel Aluminium Bronze.

In certain cases it is desirable to have a platform ‘A’ bracket and intermediate ‘P’ bracket in situations where the shaft length is very long in relation to the shaft diameter in order to control shaft whirling and keep bearing spans within acceptable limits. We can offer a calculation and design service to accommodate this requirement.

All custom brackets can be designed and engineered to meet worldwide class requirements.


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