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Standard Propellers

For many leisure and commercial vessels a propeller from our standard range can be specified, depending upon the application. These are manufactured using a fixed blade design of 5 degrees skew and 5 degrees aft rake for two, three, four and five blade propellers. All are hand finished and statically or dynamically balanced by our skilled propeller technicians and are individually inspected to rigorous standards.

Propellers from our standard range are available in both CU-1 Manganese-Bronze and CU-3 Aluminium Bronze and are manufactured in accordance with ISO R484 class 2 with class 1 available on request.

At our UK headquarters we hold an extensive range of 3 and 4 blade propellers up to 700mm diameter in stock in pilot bored format. This offers BT Marine the flexibility to machine a stock propeller to the customer’s requirement on a short lead-time.


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