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Sterntube Assemblies

BT Marine can deliver an extensive range of sterntube assemblies which are custom designed and manufactured for any type of vessel and can accommodate various forms of bearing lubrication. Many shipyards have different preferred methods of installation and alignment that are concurrent with manufacturing protocol, approved procedures or training schedules. BT Marine specialises in working closely with shipyards to ensure that what is supplied is exactly suitable for the needs of the installation. Full IACS compliance is also available where required.

Chockfast® fit Steel and Aluminium Sterntubes

This type of sterntube is secured by means of Chockfast® or similar epocast resin after alignment into a larger outer tube that is welded into the vessel structure. The advantage of this system is that the correct shaft-line alignment is much easier to achieve by means of adjusting the inner tube with alignment screws prior to pouring of the resin. The inner sterntube is supplied complete with bearings, rope guard, mounting flanges, inboard seal and where required, BT Marine can supply the ships outer tube complete with alignment screws and sealing flanges.

In some cases it is desirable to have the forward end of the sterntube fitted by means of Chockfast® and the aft section fitted with a thick wall boss and strut arms for eventual alignment and fixing by the shipyard. BT Marine can supply a custom made sterntube to accommodate the requirement.

Weld-in Steel and Aluminium Sterntubes

These are designed to be welded directly into the vessel structure and are manufactured with heavy wall bosses forward and aft to prevent heat distortion of bearing areas. The sterntube is supplied complete with bearings, rope guard, seal mounting face with inboard seal or stuffing box. This type of tube can also be supplied with supporting strut arms fitted to the aft boss for direct connection to the vessel structure.

GRP Sterntubes

Manufactured using either vacuum set or filament wound glass fibre, BT Marine GRP sterntube assemblies can be supplied with either a straight or flange mounted shaft seal. This can be in the form of a conventional stuffing box or a drip-less seal and can be supplied to suit either solid or resilient mounted engines.

BT Marine GRP sterntubes are supplied ready to fit and complete with forward and aft mounted bearings where required.

Bronze Sterntubes

Suitable for both wood and GRP displacement vessels, the BT Marine range of bronze water lubricated sterntubes use cast bronze forward and aft housings, which are threaded onto a continuous cast, bronze tube that contains the forward and aft bearings. Bronze sterntubes can be mounted by means of flanges on the housings or the tube can be knurled on the outside enabling it to be fixed into the vessel with suitable resin or Chockfast®. The inboard seal can be a bronze stuffing box or dripless seal assembly for water lubrication.


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